Ready, or Not? 預備好了嗎?


Ready? or Not?  預備好了嗎?

Jenyu spent a rough week in the hospital.  They drained 2000 cc’s of water from her 0abdomen twice.  Then she got back on chemo to help stop the endless build-up of water in her abdomen.  That was about a week ago.  Jenyu and I got to do some visiting again today.  Here is Jenyu with the joy of the Lord shining through–peace exuding through her pores!  Then there’s A-Pi who has really worried us lately; she fainted two days ago, and has spent two visits to the hospital getting IV drips.  She’s been begged to trust in Jesus; she always says, “I’ve never seen Jesus.”  But finally today she confided, “I’m just a country bumpkin, and sometimes I don’t feel too well.  But I’m listening!  I do believe in Jesus!”

Jenyu 在醫院裡過了艱難的一週。因為腹水的緣故,醫院幫她抽了兩次多達2000cc的腹水。為了停止腹水的產生,她只好又回醫院作化療。這大約是一個星期前的事了。今天,Jenyu又和我一起出來探訪,這就是Jenyu 充滿上帝的喜樂,在她的凝視中散發出平安。旁邊是最近很讓我們擔心的A-Pi,兩天前昏厥,去了兩次醫院,打點滴。我們希望她信耶穌,她總是說,我沒看過耶穌!今天,她終於鬆口說,”我是個鄉下人,有時身體感到不舒服,但我有在聽,我相信耶穌!”

What an encouraging confession!  But the Taiwanese would love to take Jesus and put Him on their god shelf with their idols!  It’s easier to begin there; it’s harder to part with their idols and ancestor worship.  So, we keep praying, “Father, have mercy on A-Pi!  Cause her to come to You, Sweet Jesus!  May she be truly ready for a heavenly home when her life on earth is done!”



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