Join Us as We Reach the Unreached in Taiwan!

The sky is the limit!
The need is GREAT!

Missions Opportunities

Calling for lovers of God who are passionate for the lost in Taiwan!  Join Taiwan Harvest 119 to reach out with the love of Christ together with a supportive and caring team; joining hands and hearts with church coworkers in Taiwan, let’s go with Jesus to seek and save the lost in communities where there is no church.

呼召所有愛上帝又對台灣百姓的得救有負擔的基督徒! 加入台灣豐收119,帶著基督的愛與一群互相支援、關懷的團隊出動吧! 與台灣教會植堂同工們心手相連,跟隨耶穌,到那些還沒有教會的偏鄉去尋找、拯救失喪的靈魂吧!

Join our short term missions teams!

Come join TH 119’s 2020 STM Team to reach Taiwan’s spiritually needy west coast!  Be used by God to write His story of transformation in the lives of people served by a Lighthouse Team this year! 為了台灣西部沿海鄉鎮的福音需要,請來加入短期團隊吧! 今年,就讓神使用你,委身在燈塔團隊的一個鄉鎮,藉福音轉化人心吧!

A Lighthouse Team is made up of coworkers from three neighboring churches along the west coast banding together to reach their communities for Christ. Each STM Team will be invited to join a Lighthouse Team.

Learn more about our Short Term Missions Teams and how to help with our Project Churches below.

Volunteer & Career Opportunities

Interested in serving with Taiwan Harvest 119 and joining hands with the west-coast churches to care for their communities? Get connected with us to be placed in short to mid-term volunteer positions that are faith-based. Or is God tugging at your heart to come career?

a word from our previous volunteers

I’ve had the pleasure of joining a Short Term Missions Team with Mark and Ruth in 2011 and 2019! It was amazing to witness how God moved through us as we were able to help teach a English Bible Camp for kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade. I think I was most struck by the students willingness to share their personal struggles with us, and their eagerness to accept Jesus as their Savior.

— Christy Tang

In July 2017, I had the privilege of joining Mark and Ruth’s mission for 2 short weeks in Taiwan alongside my team from Grace Bible Church in Wall, NJ. In addition to facilitating a week-long sports clinic and vacation Bible school with the Harbours, we also had the opportunity to spend time at one of the churches they planted. It was wonderful to witness the fruit of their on-going hard labor in evangelising and discipleship – their trained-up church leaders, in addition to the involvement and growth in their congregation. We also had the opportunity to participate in Bible studies facilitated by their trained-up mission team members and we worshipped with Mark and Ruth, too. Witnessing Ruth play AmazingGrace on her violin was a highlight for sure. May I also add that Mark and Ruth are so much fun to be around. We shared many laughs and made many special memories together as they took us all over Taiwan. Mark’s humor was entertaining and light-hearted. I was amazed at how many people the Harbours knew, which is a true testimony of how relational they are.I could not be more fond of Mark and Ruth. I was truly humbled at how much faith and trust they put in Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior, for their livelihood and for every aspect of their lives. They would pray unceasingly and fully rely on God to equip them with all they needed. They sacrifice much for the worthy cause of seeking and saving lost souls and prioritise their time investing in people, not things. They are the most compassionate couple who work tirelessly to ensure they are fulfilling physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in their community and they do their work unto the Lord. The Harbours are truly an inspiration. Needless to say, the short-term mission experience forever changed me. I would love to go back.- ES

Myself and my family as well as six others from our Church, Grace Bible Church in Wall, NJ, went on a 2 week Mission trip to Taiwan in July 2017. It was an awesome trip for all involved. We did a 1 week Children’s ministry at the local school in which we did a sports clinic as well as a vacation Bible school. We shared the Gospel and not only shared with the children, but also their parents. We, also, visited a senior citizen home in which we sang songs and did a Bible skit and shared our Christian testimonies with the residents. We loved our Mission trip and loved working with Mark and Ruth Harbour and all the volunteers that made the trip rewarding and gave Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

–Todd Scottson

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