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june Prayer Requests

  • Please thank God and pray for the coworkers at Huwei Blessing Church at the border of Beidou & Xizhou. They turned the farmhouse garage into a small meeting place. Brothers and sisters dedicated their money to renovating chairs, sliding doors, and TV walls. The young people devoted their pictures of the last supper. Their prayer requests: let the people of this place see the great light, gather to worship the Almighty God, and may the Lord accept the offerings of this place, prosper the gospel and save many souls!為北斗和溪州交界的虎尾福氣教會小組感謝神。他們將農舍車庫變成小組聚會場地。弟兄姐妹們合力奉獻,翻新舊椅子、鐵門、買電視牆。年輕人有創意的把耶穌最後晚餐的圖貼到牆上。請代禱:讓這個地方的百姓看到大光,被吸引來敬拜全能的神,願主悅納此地的祭壇,興旺福音、拯救靈魂!
  • Pray especially for churches across Taiwan as they prepare for summer camps, many of them without the short-term teams from America because of the Co-Vid 19 travel restrictions. God bless the preparation and running of these camps; pray for God’s provision of sufficient coworkers, and grace for all the children to believe! 特別為全台各地預備暑期夏令營的教會代禱,由於疫情,許多國外短宣隊無法前來支援。求主保守所有營會的預備和執行,求主供應充足的同工,也施恩讓所有孩子藉著營會聽見福音、得著救恩!
  • Dazhuang Elementary School Camp will be run by TH 119 coworkers, together with the Yuanlin Conservative Baptist Church, with the Xizhou Presbyterian Church hosting–July 20-24彰化溪州大莊國小夏令營-由豐收119、員林浸宣教會、大林好厝邊及溪州長老會聯合舉辦——7月20-24日

Dazhung Summer Camp
Cordinator: Jennifer Lin
Administration:Rita Chen
Transportation:Mr. Wang Huang-chang 汪煌展
Computer:Mr. Hsieh Cheng-chi 謝承志弟兄
Crew Leaders:Brandon LIn /Huang Jun-bao黃駿寶/Fang Chi方綺/
Tiffany Hsiao蕭群臻/Lin Chi-ting林芷庭/Hsiao Yu-Hsin蕭伃芯
Hsiao Fang-chi蕭芳棋/Hsial Chien-Ju蕭倩汝/Peggy Wei魏佩儀
/Wei Chia-yi魏嘉儀/Chen Wei-yin陳葦蔭/ Shi Li-Jen施麗珍
Station teachers: Kiki Lin林淑娟, 吟柔(Emma), Jennifer Wu巫采霏, Tan Hua-li 譚華麗
Assistants: Fang Chiao方喬、Jiang Chen-huei姜振輝
Principal: Yang Wen-juan and 36 students.

  • Xizhou Presbyterian Church–7/27-8/1。溪州長老會夏令營-7/27-8/1
  • Suantou Church–In the coming summer, three summer camps have been confirmed with the school; two are the bilingual camps, held for many years by the National Taiwan University at the Liuja Middle School, as well as by the National Chenzhi University at the Suantou Primary School; a third camp will be brought by several Taipei churches to the Liujiao Primary School. 蒜頭教會—今年夏天將舉辦三個夏令營,一個在六甲國中,是由台灣大學舉辦多年的雙語營。另一個則是由政治大學支援多年辦在蒜頭國小的雙語營。第三個營會則是由數個臺北教會聯合支援的夏令營,地點在六腳國小。
  • Dalin Good Neighbor is preparing for a camp at the Sun Hope Elementary School in August.大林好厝邊關懷中心也正預備在三和國小舉行的夏令營。
  • Baozhong Alliance Church asks prayer for Charlie Lin who is currently comatose in ICU (suffering from cellulitis). Please pray for his rescue from this life-threatening situation and for his healing. 褒忠教會-林春地弟兄目前在加護病房(蜂窩性組織炎)昏迷,祈求主醫治讓他趕快脫離危險。


Have you ever been told to stop running because it’s bad for your knees?  Mark gets told that all the time, but does he listen?  NO!  He is convinced that if his knee hurts, you just run on it and the kink will work its way out!  This week he ran 36 kilometers, and last week, 40!

曾經有人警告你,”不要跑步,因為對你的膝蓋不好”嗎?許多人這麼告訴馬可,但是他有聽進去嗎? 沒有! 因為他相信,如果膝蓋受傷,更要跑步來使筋結復原。這星期他跑了36公里,上週跑了40公里。

Through the years Mark likes to say, “Go as far as you can on the right road!”  That seems to be a philosophy we have been living by lately.  Despite the visa problems and health problems we have encountered,  God continues to fan the flame in our hearts for finding teams to saturate the west coast of Taiwan with God’s Story of love and redemption!  He’s given us a wonderful Board of godly coworkers to give us guidance and wisdom.  He’s blessed us with people who love Jesus, and His Word, who volunteer their time to run the children’s after-school program in Tianwei.  God has opened wide doors of service to Taiwan Harvest in Hsichou, Changhua County. He has blessed us with friends in Shingang who want to use their property to reach their neighbors for Christ!  And He’s given us wonderful partners and coworkers to keep cheering us on “to run the good race set before us!”  So we will, by God’s grace!

一整年,馬可經常說:”在正確的路上,能跑多遠就跑多遠!這似乎也是我們最近的生活哲學。儘管我們遭遇簽證的問題、健康的問題,上帝仍然繼續在我們心中煽起熱切的火,要為台灣西海岸的福音工作,徵募燈塔團隊的宣教士,傳揚上帝愛與救贖的故事。上帝給了我們一群很棒的、很屬靈的執行委員來引導我們。上帝也會在2017年賜給我們一群愛主、在神的話語中成長、受呼召來加入台灣豐收119的燈塔團隊。上帝為我們在彰化縣溪州鄉大開福音的門;也奇妙的引導一位新港的基督徒朋友,樂意將他的產業打開來讓台灣豐收119使用,為要讓他的鄉親得著福音。上帝也給我們好同工、事工夥伴來激勵我們”奔那擺在我們前頭的路程。” 因著神的恩典,我們會繼續前進!


Moby the Cat likes to MUSE about Mobilisation of God’s people and resources for Taiwan. Won’t you join him? While you are at it, please pray about it! Thank you!

Gospel Immigration (bilingual doc)

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