Prayer matters 代禱事項

Ready to run with the message–“God loved you so much, that He gave His Son to die for you!”

Village to Village . . .

Just like Jesus, we are ready to go neighborhood to neighborhood, village to village, with co-workers from each of Taiwan Harvest 119’s project churches (churches with whom we have covenanted to connect to resources, prayer, and training; see Lighthouse Teams). Oh,yes, visitation is something that the we have always fit into our weekly schedule. But now, for founders Mark and Ruth, it is something we need to do–will strive to do–five days a week, together with co-workers from each local church.

Will you pray with us? Pray that we will work with the Holy Spirit. Pray that He will lead us to people of peace, those who will open doors for us in the community. Pray the JOY will brighten many hearts and homes, because of Jesus. Oh! And it could mean reaching out with the love of Christ in material ways. We are already praying for a young man named A-ga–only 16 years old, mentally challenged, and living on the hospital psychiatric ward because he gets violent (he has been isolated in his family of 5 children all his life). Is there something God would have us do?

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.

–Micah 6:8

Thank you for praying. Drop us a line, and let us know you’re with us in prayer. And welcome to join us as we GO with the Gospel in Taiwan.


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july/August Prayer Requests


  1. 為貴格會大直教會於7/28~7/31在教會擧辦的英語品格營的招生,活動的進行,天氣禱告,求主施行大能帶領更多的孩子們進入教會,也為同工在此地的適應禱告,
  2. 為菊停7/30音樂會的分享禱告,求聖靈大大的恩膏。
  3. 為貴格會龜山教會於8/3~8/7在教會擧辦的才藝品格營禱告,也求主保守參與同工的適應,堅立兩個教會同工手所作的工禱告,也為三個晚上不同性質的小型聚會禱告,求主帶領不同的居民走入教會。
  4. 為8/8教會與龜山教會及磐石樂團聚辦的福音市集及露天音樂會禱告,目前已向派出所送出路權申請,求主掌權;為當天的天氣禱告,求主給一個涼爽宜人的好天氣;為慰凡的見證短講禱告,求主使用;更求主感動這裡的人心,能走進教會聽福音。
  5. 為慰凡、菊停、潔心的身心靈禱告,求主保守眷顧。


  1. Pray for the enrollment, activities, and weather of the English character camp held by the Quaker Dazhi Church on 7/28~7/31 in the church. Pray for the Lord’s power to lead more children into the church. Pray for church members to grow in the area of praying for church ministry.
  2. Pray for the sharing of Ju Ting’s 7/30 concert, and pray for the great anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Pray for the talent and character camp organized by the Quaker Guishan Church on 8/3~8/7 in the church; pray for good adjustment of coworkers, that all will work well together. There will be three small gatherings of different kinds for prayer at night; pray that the Lord will lead different residents into the church.
  4. Pray for the gospel market and open-air concert organized by Guishan Church, and Stone Ministries. At present, an application for the right of way has been sent to the police station; ask the Lord for favor; pray for good weather– a cool and pleasant day! pray for those preparing short talks and testimonies, that the Lord be glorified, and residents’ hearts will be touched by the Lord; may many walk into the church and hear the gospel!
  5. Pray for protection and health for the Evangelist’s family– in body, mind, and soul.

House of Happiness: (Madou, Tainan County)
3.8/4-7 暑期課輔 4. 8/17-21 北門國中夏令營 求神預備國中生的報名,讓北門國中至少有15位學生參加營會

  1. 8/3 English Art Camp
  2. 2.7/27-31 Qigu Summer Camp
  3. 3.8/4-7 Summer School Supplement 4. 8/17-21 Beimen Junior High School Summer Camp Pray that God will prepare the registration of junior high school students so that at least 15 students from North Gate Junior High can participate in the camp


Have you ever been told to stop running because it’s bad for your knees?  Mark gets told that all the time, but does he listen?  NO!  He is convinced that if his knee hurts, you just run on it and the kink will work its way out!  This week he ran 36 kilometers, and last week, 40!

曾經有人警告你,”不要跑步,因為對你的膝蓋不好”嗎?許多人這麼告訴馬可,但是他有聽進去嗎? 沒有! 因為他相信,如果膝蓋受傷,更要跑步來使筋結復原。這星期他跑了36公里,上週跑了40公里。

Through the years Mark likes to say, “Go as far as you can on the right road!”  That seems to be a philosophy we have been living by lately.  Despite the visa problems and health problems we have encountered,  God continues to fan the flame in our hearts for finding teams to saturate the west coast of Taiwan with God’s Story of love and redemption!  He’s given us a wonderful Board of godly coworkers to give us guidance and wisdom.  He’s blessed us with people who love Jesus, and His Word, who volunteer their time to run the children’s after-school program in Tianwei.  God has opened wide doors of service to Taiwan Harvest in Hsichou, Changhua County. He has blessed us with friends in Shingang who want to use their property to reach their neighbors for Christ!  And He’s given us wonderful partners and coworkers to keep cheering us on “to run the good race set before us!”  So we will, by God’s grace!

一整年,馬可經常說:”在正確的路上,能跑多遠就跑多遠!這似乎也是我們最近的生活哲學。儘管我們遭遇簽證的問題、健康的問題,上帝仍然繼續在我們心中煽起熱切的火,要為台灣西海岸的福音工作,徵募燈塔團隊的宣教士,傳揚上帝愛與救贖的故事。上帝給了我們一群很棒的、很屬靈的執行委員來引導我們。上帝也會在2017年賜給我們一群愛主、在神的話語中成長、受呼召來加入台灣豐收119的燈塔團隊。上帝為我們在彰化縣溪州鄉大開福音的門;也奇妙的引導一位新港的基督徒朋友,樂意將他的產業打開來讓台灣豐收119使用,為要讓他的鄉親得著福音。上帝也給我們好同工、事工夥伴來激勵我們”奔那擺在我們前頭的路程。” 因著神的恩典,我們會繼續前進!


Moby the Cat likes to MUSE about Mobilisation of God’s people and resources for Taiwan. Won’t you join him? While you are at it, please pray about it! Thank you!

Gospel Immigration 福音移民的機會,在台灣西海岸

(bilingual doc)

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