From despair to hope挪走絕望的黑暗

Shiao Hua (pictured on the left listens at the Dalin Good Neighbor Church) used to frequent the temples and go to fortune tellers. Hers was a sad life–forced to raise her son alone when her husband deserted the family. But she worked hard, and made sure her son graduated from high school. Then tragedy struck, not once, but twice. She had a stroke and ended up in a  nursing home. Then, her son had an accident and ended up in intensive care! 


小華(音譯, 圖中左)過去是一個經常跑寺廟、動不動就去算命的婦人。她丈夫很早就拋棄了這個家,以致她一生獨自撫養兒子。她很努力工作,直到兒子高中畢業。不料,悲劇卻接連發生。小華中風了,最後住到護理之家。接著,她的兒子也出意外,住進加護病房!

 This was when a team from the Dalin Good Neighbor prayed for her in the nursing home. God answered prayer in amazing ways–Shiao Hua left the nursing home, and with the help of the church relocated to her friend’s home.  She began going to church, and before long put her trust in Christ, and was baptized.  Jesus even drew her son to Himself.  Now she lives to tell others about Him.當教會的福音隊探訪護理之家時,小華安靜聆聽我們唱詩歌、講故事,也接受我們為她禱告,上帝以奇妙的方式回應了我們的禱告;小華在教會牧者的協助下,搬出護理之家去與朋友同住。接著,她開始穩定來聚會,不久後,小華決志受洗了!耶穌更以奇妙的方式引導她的兒子,如今小華也向朋友傳福音了!

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INTRODUCING Taiwan Harvest 119 Founded by Mark and Ruth Harbour on March 1, 2016, this vision and mission is to take possession of the west coast (more resistant area) of Taiwan for the Lord Jesus Christ by planting life-changing family cell-groups in every neighborhood. Telling God's Story from Creation to Christ is the foundation for on-going discipleship, training disciples to train others who will train others. Our hope is in the Lord, and our calling is to 1) Pray for Spiritual Awakening on the island, 2) Train and Encourage West Coast Church Planters, and 3) Mobilise Resource Churches and/or individual missionaries (both in Taiwan and abroad) to connect with west coast church planting works and enable them to reach their neighborhoods for Christ.

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