Dazhuang Camp溪州大莊國小夏令營

A Joint Effort of the Yuanlin Conservative Baptist Church, Dalin Good Neighbor Youth, and Living Water Yutian Caring Center 119聯結浸宣員林教會、大林好厝邊關懷中心、田尾育田關懷中心共同協助舉辦的大莊國小夏令營 Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Aren’t you proud of them? 感謝主! 祂是萬福的源頭。我們為這些青少年感到欣慰。 I’m talking about the YOUTH from two churches who got together under the leadership of Jennifer Lin–the lead teacher for Tianwei’sContinue reading Dazhuang Camp溪州大莊國小夏令營