God Opened the Doors, Merry Christmas!上帝開的門, 聖誕快樂!

Dear Friends and Family! A Most Blessed Christmas to you! This has been a week to remember! God opened the doors to us to go Christmas Caroling at the local Tsu-chi Buddhist Hospital! We’ve been met with mostly smiles and gratitude; one patient wondered why the hospital let us in! We are very grateful for the new cell group which meets for prayer there with one of our members, Dr. Little Cloud Tsai, every week. God is certainly on His throne, and He is using His people all over Taiwan this Christmas season to proclaim the Good News of Jesus’ birth and the salvation He came to give. Hallelujah!
親愛的朋友和家人們,平安! 祝您有個蒙福的聖誕節!這是特別值得記念的一星期!因為上帝為我們打開了到大林佛教慈濟醫院去報佳音的門! 來來往往的人群,多數對我們回報以微笑和感謝,一位病人甚至很好奇,想知道佛教醫院怎麼會允許基督徒進醫院裡來唱歌?!我們非常感恩,藉著慈濟醫院的一位醫師(也是好厝邊教會的會友)-蔡筱筠醫師,每週一次我們在醫院小組聚會和禱告。上帝掌權!聖誕節期間透過上帝的百姓在全台灣各地宣告耶穌誕生以及祂賜下救恩的好消息。哈利路亞!

Dr. Tsai, Pastor Liu, Sister Su (Dr. Tsai’s mom), with Mark and me at the bedside of a new mommy! Praise God! 由左至右:蔡筱筠醫師、劉士正牧師、何馬可牧師、蔡醫師的母親、路得師母 圍繞在一位新媽媽的床邊。讚美主!

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