Two Four-Year-Olds in Taiwan 兩個四歲孩子

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Jia-rong, when he was four years old, caught the attention of his grandmother.  To her joy, she discovered the winning numbers for the local lottery in his scribbling!  She would ask him to draw for Grandmother when the time came for the weekly lottery, and she often won with the numbers found in his art.  Then Jia-rong’s Christian aunt–and nanny–realized what was going on, she told him to stop drawing for Grandmother, and he did!  He grew up learning to lean on Jesus from his aunt, and is growing in his faith and serving Him as a young adult!


Then there’s another four-year-old who began to serve as a spirit medium when he was four years old.  That was sixty years ago, and Mr. Chen is still serving in that way.  In Taiwan, when people need answers to life’s problems, they go to the local temple to ask the gods.  The answers may come through divining sticks drawn like lots by the inquirer; or they may come through the spirit medium who gets his or her knowledge from the spirits behind the idols worshiped in the local temple.  This has been Mr. Chen’s life since the tender age of four, because the adults around him saw that he was sensitive to the spirit world and chose to use it to their advantage.另有一位小男孩,從他四歲的時候開始當乩童,經過60年,(鄭先生)仍然從事靈媒的工作。在台灣,當百姓遇見生命中的難題時,他們到廟裡去求神問卜,他們的解答可能來自廟裡的籤書,或是透過偶像的邪靈藉著乩童的口傳遞出來。這就是鄭先生的一生,從他懵懂的四歲開始,由於周遭的成人發現他能與靈界互通,因而藉著他來指引迷津。

Mr. Chen has an adult son who mysteriously became mute just two years ago.  He has asked the gods, “Why?  I’ve served you so faithfully, why did this happen to my son?  Why won’t you heal him?”  Mr. Chen shared this with Taiwan Harvest 119 coworkers on one of their Service Days in his village serving the elderly–cutting hair, doing foot massage and shoulder massage, telling Bible stories and sharing God’s promises.  What answer did he receive?  “It’s a secret!”乩童-鄭先生有一位30多歲的兒子,兩年前無來由的突然無法言語,鄭先生痛苦的求問他所拜的神明:”我忠心的服事你這麼多年,為什麼我兒子發生這樣的事?你為什麼不醫治他?”這是台灣豐收119 的同工們,在一次服事溪州大庄村長者(義剪、修指甲、腳底按摩、肩頸紓壓)的行動中,身為村民的鄭先生親口告訴我們的。
結果他從神明得到的答案是甚麼?! “這是天機!(天機無可奉告)”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if God has allowed this trial in Mr. Chen and his son’s life in order that God’s healing power and deliverance be displayed in their lives?倘若,上帝藉著鄭先生和他兒子的試煉來彰顯神醫治和釋放的大能,那豈不是太棒了!

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Rita Chen (left) and Ruth Harbour (sitting, right) are part of the Taiwan Harvest 119 team who serve the elderly once a  month in Changhua County’s Hsichou township.  As a result, they have gotten to know people like Mr. Chen (top right corner). 

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INTRODUCING Taiwan Harvest 119 Founded by Mark and Ruth Harbour on March 1, 2016, this vision and mission is to take possession of the west coast (more resistant area) of Taiwan for the Lord Jesus Christ by planting life-changing family cell-groups in every neighborhood. Telling God's Story from Creation to Christ is the foundation for on-going discipleship, training disciples to train others who will train others. Our hope is in the Lord, and our calling is to 1) Pray for Spiritual Awakening on the island, 2) Train and Encourage West Coast Church Planters, and 3) Mobilise Resource Churches and/or individual missionaries (both in Taiwan and abroad) to connect with west coast church planting works and enable them to reach their neighborhoods for Christ.

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