Short-term Missionaries Experience the Fruit of Bible Telling

短宣實習生 見證 說聖經故事 的果效

Tony and Andy with their little sister.

On Thursday nights, Ruth teaches English to Tony and Andy.  Sometimes their father, Stanley drops in and studies along with them.  What has made this study lots of FUN for everyone has been the honest questions about the Bible stories used.  Recently, short-termers Matthew and Malina helped introduce the story of the call of Abraham. “Does this story give you any questions?” they asked.  Stanley could not believe Abraham could actually be the father of as many children as the number of sand grains on the seashore, “Unless,” he said, “They are people who believe just like he did, children by virtue of their belief.  Like you, Andy, you are Teacher Ruth’s child by faith!”  When Ruth heard this, she just had to show Stanley Galatians 3:7–“Understand, then, that those who have faith are the sons of Abraham.”  Needless to say, it was like the light dawned for Stanley and his boys!  But Andy asked, “How do you know these stories are true?”  Matthew encouraged him, “Tonight before you go to sleep, just ask God if He’s real, and see what He says!”  What a comfort to know God loves him more than we do!

The greatest joy is seeing God’s Word draw people to faith in God!  That is why Bible Telling is the Harbours’ favorite evangelistic tool–whether it’s on visits in  homes, in schools, at church, or tutoring English!  “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God!” (Rom. 10:17)


Malina Wang and Matthew Luh meeting Taiwan Harvest 119’s Executive Director, Mark Harbour; now doing “The Missionary Life” Short-term of service!

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INTRODUCING Taiwan Harvest 119 Founded by Mark and Ruth Harbour on March 1, 2016, this vision and mission is to take possession of the west coast (more resistant area) of Taiwan for the Lord Jesus Christ by planting life-changing family cell-groups in every neighborhood. Telling God's Story from Creation to Christ is the foundation for on-going discipleship, training disciples to train others who will train others. Our hope is in the Lord, and our calling is to 1) Pray for Spiritual Awakening on the island, 2) Train and Encourage West Coast Church Planters, and 3) Mobilise Resource Churches and/or individual missionaries (both in Taiwan and abroad) to connect with west coast church planting works and enable them to reach their neighborhoods for Christ.

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