Taiwan Harvest Movement “Go West! Go for the Gold!” 往西海岸去!

It’s on the altar, O Lord–the vision You’ve given to reach the West coast of Taiwan–the people who sit in the darkness of sin and idolatry–may Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!  May there be wave upon wave of workers who care to come and make this Your calling a reality!

在祭壇上,主啊! 你給我們異象,要去得台灣西海岸活在罪惡及拜偶像的黑暗裡的百姓-願你的旨意行在地上如同行在天上,願一批批對西海岸有負擔的工人如浪潮,來回應祢的呼召。

Taiwan Harvest Movement Seeks #TheKingsChildren on Taiwan’s West Coast


Go West, young man,           往西海岸去! 年輕人,不論男女

Or Woman,

Family and Friend!                家人或朋友

Those with a heart               所有 有心人

To dig for the gold                來挖掘金礦

In people lost in darkness   就是那些迷失在黑暗裡

Who need to behold           需要從耶穌基督的面容

The Glory of God                 看見上帝榮光的靈魂

In the Face of Jesus Christ!

Go West to find them         往西海岸去! 找尋他們

Wrapped up in idolatry      那些被偶像綑綁的人

Pray, pray to bring them    禱告、祈求

Into the liberty                     將他們帶進自由的國度

Which Christ our Savior     那些救主基督已為他們流寶血的人

Poured out His blood to give!

Go, go west                          往西海岸去!

You who are greying          凡你們的心因憐憫而憂傷的人

With hearts full of sympathy;

Dig for that gold on the coast   往台灣的西海岸去, 挖掘寶藏

West in Taiwan

Where a mighty throng            有那麼多的百姓

Awaits the coming of their King, 等候君王的來臨

For the King’s children              君王的百姓

Are all glorious within,               從他們裡面發出榮光

Clothed with gold—                  以黃金為衣

They are waiting                        他們還在等待

For YOU to proclaim Christ to them, 等待你去 宣揚基督

They are waiting                       他們還在等待

For the love of Jesus poured out for them等待耶穌的愛 向他們傾倒

They are waiting!                       他們還在等待

Won’t you go,                             你不去嗎?

Won’t you go West?                  不往西海岸去嗎?

Join the Taiwan Harvest 119 Movement— 加入台灣豐收行動

Go West!  Go for the Gold!     往西海岸去!為挖掘靈魂寶藏而去!

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INTRODUCING Taiwan Harvest 119 Founded by Mark and Ruth Harbour on March 1, 2016, this vision and mission is to take possession of the west coast (more resistant area) of Taiwan for the Lord Jesus Christ by planting life-changing family cell-groups in every neighborhood. Telling God's Story from Creation to Christ is the foundation for on-going discipleship, training disciples to train others who will train others. Our hope is in the Lord, and our calling is to 1) Pray for Spiritual Awakening on the island, 2) Train and Encourage West Coast Church Planters, and 3) Mobilise Resource Churches and/or individual missionaries (both in Taiwan and abroad) to connect with west coast church planting works and enable them to reach their neighborhoods for Christ.

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