JOIN Taiwan Harvest 119’s Short to Mid-term Teams in 2020!

Lighthouse Trilogy Teams

Come join TH 119’s 2020 STM Team to reach Taiwan’s spiritually needy west coast!  Be used by God to write His story of transformation in the lives of people served by a Lighthouse Team this year! 為了台灣西部沿海鄉鎮的福音需要,請來加入短期團隊吧! 今年,就讓神使用你,委身在燈塔團隊的一個鄉鎮,藉福音轉化人心吧!

A Lighthouse Team is made up of coworkers from three neighboring churches along the west coast banding together to reach their communities for Christ. Each STM Team will be invited to join a Lighthouse Team.

Follow-up with God's Story

Taiwan Harvest 119 –in partnership with West Coast Lighthouse Teams (TH119’s project church leaders who live in neighboring towns), is looking for Missionary Interns to help follow-up on Summer 2020 Children’s Camps and Youth Camps, and to join the on-going outreach of the churches.


It’s simple–Let us train you to tell God’s life-transforming Story in the homes of children who came to know Jesus during the Summer Camp.  Partner with the project church coworkers for three to six months.  Pray, and we believe you will see families transformed by the love of God coming into the church family!  不會太困難-讓我們訓練您,家訪那些在營會中決志的孩子,講述上帝改變生命的故事。陪伴在地傳道同工服事三個月(9-11月)。持續禱告,相信您會看見那些家庭被上帝的愛翻轉而進入教會的大家庭。

What to Expect as a  Lighthouse Team Member:  何謂燈塔團隊?

  •  You will be trained to tell God’s Story from Creation to Christ, so that families can grow to understand God’s wonderful plan of New Life for all who believe.
  • 這個團隊接受訓練去宣講聖經故事(從創世記到基督生平), 慕道家庭可以在靈命成長中得知上帝為所有屬靈新生命預備的美好計畫。
  • Your team will live in two or three neighboring towns along the west coast of Taiwan; you will covenant together to pray for one another, and even do prayer-walking together; you will learn a new story together every week, and then go to share these stories with students and their families in their homes.
  • 燈塔團隊組員居住在西海岸相鄰的二或三個鄉鎮,他們委身彼此代禱、一起計畫行走禱告、每週一起學習新的故事,
  • You will join the on-going outreach of the church–children’s after-school programs, youth work, work with the elderly, community English, visitation and evangelism, discipleship, etc.

current lighthouse teams

Taiwan Harvest 119 STM Teams are forming to serve these Lighthouse Teams in 2020:


  • LIGHTHOUSE TEAM 1–needs two members in each town, for a total of four in Chiayi and Yunlin Counties.一號燈塔團隊-每個鄉鎮需要兩位同工, 總計四位。

Taiwan Harvest 119 is partnering with the Dalin (#188) Good Neighbor Caring Center, and the Shiguixi Quaker Church in neighboring Dounan (#179)  to help bring summer camps to their communities.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 17.50.25

Come help them follow-up on the children and their families, that they might come to know their Creator God and Jesus whom He sent!

  • LIGHTHOUSE TEAM 2–needs two members in each town, for a total of four in Changhua County.  二號燈塔團隊—每鄉鎮需要兩位同工,總計四位。

Taiwan Harvest 119 is partnering with Yutian Living Water Community Center in Tianwei (#20 on map) to serve about 20 children in their Wednesday/Friday After School Program. They are, also, partnering with the Conservative Baptist Church in Yuanlin and the Dalin Good Neighbor to bring a summer camp  to the children of Dazhuang Elementary School in Hsichou (#24)!  Your job will be to help these churches do effective follow-up on the children who came to believe Jesus through these ministries.



  • Tainan County’s Madou, Beimen and Qigu (in the map see Matou, Peimen, and Chiku) coworkers have run After School Programs for their communities for the last four years.  Join them to help them do effective follow-up on the families God is bringing them.
Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 15.03.09

important dates


Serving Cross-culturally, Interpersonal Relationships, Bible Telling and Christian Identity 燈塔團隊培訓-跨文化服事、人際關係、說聖經故事、基督徒身份

  • October 6-9, Tuesday through Friday.  (10月6日-9日,二到五)
  • Commissioning will happen the last day of Orientation.調試將在迎新會的最後一天進行。
  • ORIENTATION with LIGHTHOUSE TEAMS–Saturday & Sunday, October 10-11. 燈塔團隊迎新會將於10月10日至11日.
  • Term of Service (minimum recommended)–Tuesday, October 13th through to Tuesday, January 26, 2021.服事期間(建議)-10/13(二)-1/26(二)。


Please fill out this form to join a 2020 Taiwan Harvest 119 STM TEAM!  敬請填寫以下2020年台灣豐收119短期團隊申請表!

Thank you for your interest in helping Taiwan Harvest 119 partner churches follow up on the students who responded to their summer ministry!  We will be in touch to help you become a Lighthouse Team member this Fall of 2021.  感謝您有意願協助台灣豐收119的夥伴教會們,針對營會中決志學童所要進行的跟進工作。我們會與您聯繫,讓您成為今年秋季的燈塔團隊成員。

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