As of February 23, 2020, we have become Taiwan Harvest 119 Caring Association, a non-profit organised in Taiwan to enable the work to go on!  On this momentous date, TH 119 members gathered together to organise their new board. 2020年2月23日我們正式成立了台灣豐收119關懷協會-一個非營利組織。在這個值得紀念的日子,我們也有了理監事。


Calling for lovers of God who are passionate for the lost in Taiwan!  Join Taiwan Harvest 119 to reach out with the love of Christ together with a supportive and caring team; joining hands and hearts with church coworkers in Taiwan, let’s go with Jesus to seek and save the lost in communities where there is no church.

呼召所有愛上帝又對台灣百姓的得救有負擔的基督徒! 加入台灣豐收119,帶著基督的愛與一群互相支援、關懷的團隊出動吧! 與台灣教會植堂同工們心手相連,跟隨耶穌,到那些還沒有教會的偏鄉去尋找、拯救失喪的靈魂吧!

If you are interested in hearing more about our opportunities, apply below to get placed with a suitable position!