Taiwan Harvest 119 aims to reach the towns along the west coast of Taiwan—averaging about 58,000 people—a total of about three million souls!  And they are all precious to God! 台灣豐收119的目標是要傳福音給台灣西海岸的百姓-每個鄉鎮平均有58000人口,合計約300萬個靈魂。他們都是神看為寶貴的。

Our mission with Global Outreach International is to exalt Christ and engage people in mission by proclaiming the Gospel, doing good, and equipping the church.  我們的使命是透過宣揚福音、行善和裝備教會來高舉耶穌。

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Life in rural Taiwan has its challenges for young and old, alike. Where do they hurt? How much does fear influence them? How can you live out the love of God for them?

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Speak to Their Need Through God’s Story!

Learn to engage in transformational dialogue.
Bless their homes with God’s Story.

Add the Bible story to some praise songs or hymns,  and a blessing or prayer, and try to make it a regular event, and you’ve got a Lighthouse cell-group! 此外,也用讚美歌或聖詩,再加上祝福或禱告,讓聚會成為經常性的活動,一個燈塔細胞小組就產生了

bear much fruit!

Be a Trainer of Trainers (Discipleship)

CRU Taiwan’s Pastor Steve Wang Rei has said, “It does not matter what curriculum you use, the important thing is OBEDIENCE.” But we are pretty sold on CRU’s MC2.  Check it out at MC2.online .

E3 Partners’ “First Steps” provides two different tracts for Discovery Bible Studies which provide the basis for follow-up and discipleship, on pages 76-77.