Are you going to Heaven?

This last Friday’s health check-ups in the temple square ministered to about 25 people.  We were blessed by the American doctor, pharmacist, and dentist who gave of their time and expert advice, that the people might know the love of Christ.  Ruth gave foot massages to several ladies. Then she asked Li Mama as she showed her a Gospel Bridge tract, “Li Mama, after you’ve lived to 120, are you going to go to Heaven?”  Li Mama looked at her in surprise, and asked, “Is it possible to know?”  The 83 year old white-haired matron seemed so sincere.  Ruth smiled and said, “Yes, God wants us to KNOW!”

Ruth shared with her how we were made by one Creator God, and how our sin has separated us from Him.  But God loved the people of the world so much that He sent His Son to die on the cross in their place.  All who receive and trust Him for the forgiveness of their sins, to them God gives the power to become His children! Their sins are forgiven, and they will  KNOW the Lord is in Heaven preparing a place for them!   Li Mama wanted to pray with Ruth, and put her trust in Jesus that day!  Afterwards, when asked if she was going to Heaven someday, Li Mama’s face broke into a big,  beautiful grin and said, “Yes! I am!”

Hallelujah! Salvation comes from God!  Oh that we might proclaim it with abandon!

Happy Huang Mama receives foot massage