Mission Partners of Taiwan Harvest 119 台灣豐收119 宣教夥伴

Taiwan Harvest 119 has been accepted as a project of Visions Made Viable, a non-profit fiscal manager, and as such can give tax-deductible receipts to donors. Taiwan Harvest 119 is recruiting missionaries for Taiwan; U.S. citizens who join Taiwan Harvest 119 will have the same benefit of having their support managed and distributed to them, and the assurance that their donors will, also, receive tax-deductible receipts for their giving.

台灣豐收119 已正式被接納為Visions Made Viable的一個專案。VMV一個可以合法開立奉獻收據的非營利組織。台灣豐收119正積極的為台灣招募宣教士;加入台灣豐收119的宣教士若是美國公民,也享有相同的經濟支持和對待,而以奉獻支持他們的人,也都可以獲得抵稅的奉獻收據。

Taiwan Harvest 119 is, also, joining with a mission agency in Taiwan called育田社區關懷中心 (Yu Tian She Chu Guan Huai Zhong Shin). Loosely translated this is Yutian Community Caring Center. This is a non-profit organization established by the Living Water Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Timothy Tang. As such, it will be able to receive and send church planting missionaries; it will provide visas for foreign missionaries coming to join Lighthouse Trilogy teams with Taiwan Harvest 119, and do receipting for donors in Taiwan and manage the bookkeeping for the Taiwanese coworkers who have joined Taiwan Harvest 119 Lighthouse Trilogy teams.



Under the umbrella of Yutian, Taiwan Harvest 119 will form its own Board of Directors. This Board will be responsible for giving guidance–

  • first, to Mark and Ruth Harbour, helping to direct the parameters of their personal ministry AND Taiwan Harvest 119 church planting.  They will help determine where the next Lighthouse Trilogy of towns will be.
  • secondly, to the Lighthouse Trilogy Teams.   Then, as the Lighthouse Trilogy Teams are formed, they will prayerfully submit yearly  (or regular) plans and ministry goals to the Taiwan Harvest 119 Board of Directors, and will meet with the Board for accountability, evaluation, and support.




INTRODUCING TAIWAN HARVEST 119’s Board of Directors:  (Coming SOON!)