Who is Taiwan Harvest豐收119? Taiwan豐收119 是谁 ?



Taiwan Harvest 豐收 119 Executive Committee and Staff -from left to right:台灣豐收 119 委員:  ( 由左至右) Executive Assistant, Rita Chen 陳如音; Caleb Yu 于嘉樂; Ruth Harbour 何路得; Mark Harbour 何馬可; Timothy Tang 唐定新; Samuel Hsu 許舜瑜; Caspar Liou 劉士正 ; Steve Hsieh 謝鴻文。


TAIWAN HARVEST 豐收 119 welcomes your participation in taking possession of the west coast of Taiwan for Jesus

豐收 119 歡迎您一起來為主得著台灣西海岸

Seeking spiritual awakening for the people, join us monthly for a Prayer Tour of the west coast of Taiwan. 禱告,為靈魂的甦醒預備道路。請加入我們每月一次為西海岸的行走禱告。
In 2018, we will offer Training in Taiwan for Rural and Open-Air Evangelism—我們辦鄉村宣教及外展佈道培訓課程。 May(五月) 18-19 Aug(八月) 17-18 Nov(11 月) 16-17

We are recruiting Lighthouse Teams to reach the west coast for Christ!


Why plant new churches in neighborhoods where weak churches could use your help? Find out about Resource Church opportunities to enter the west coast harvest! 一定要建立新教會嗎?如果當地有小教會,就協助使它壯大吧!。 我們要不斷尋找資源豐富的教會,先支援西海岸小教會。

West coast co-workers, let us introduce you to a Resource Church in Taiwan or abroad! 西海岸教會的牧者,請讓我們知道您的需求,來連結國內外的資源教會協助您!

Call Rita Chen Ru-yin at 0955-224-166, or Mark Harbour at 0911-246-880 for more info. 細節請洽 0955-224166 陳如音傳道 或 0911-246880 何馬可牧師。

Taiwan Harvest 豐收 119 is a project of the Taiwan non-profit organization called “Chinese Living Water Yu Tian Neighborhood Nurturing Society,” and as such can issue receipts.

社團法人中華活水育田關懷協會 (台灣銀行 290-001-000187 請註明豐收 119)

Taiwan Harvest 119 has been accepted as a project of Visions Made Viable, a non-profit fiscal manager, and as such can give tax-deductible receipts to donors.

台灣豐收119 已正式被接納為Visions Made Viable的一個專案。VMV一個可以合法開立奉獻收據的非營利組織。