Lighthouse Team 燈塔團隊

Introducing Taiwan Harvest 119’s Lighthouse Teams


Every Town has its story of idolatry and darkness; but God’s Spirit is preparing hearts for the Savior, families for new life in Christ! Taiwan Harvest 119’s strategy can be likened to writing God’s story of transformation in the lives of three towns every year. Imagine commissioning a team of six to bring the Light and Love of Christ to three towns in close proximity every year! We believe God wants to use each Lighthouse Team to write His story of transformation in the lives of these three towns; therefore we sometimes refer to these towns as Lighthouse Trilogies . We are believing God to call the first team of six for the first Lighthouse Trilogy of Towns in 2016.每個鄉鎮有它個別的偶像崇拜和黑暗故事,然而上帝的靈正為人心歸向主、家庭在基督裡有新生命而預備。台灣豐收119的策略就是每年在三個鄉鎮的百 姓生命中紀錄上帝轉化生命的故事。我們計劃每年差派一組6團隊,牧養一組相鄰的三個鄉鎮(簡稱燈塔三部曲)。我們相信上帝要在2016年呼召完成第一組6人團隊

PRAYING TOGETHER will be a crucial part of reaching all three towns for Christ; PRAYING TOGETHER, and time in the Word together, will guide the focus of ministry in each town; while each pair of coworkers will be responsible for specific outreaches for their own target town, there will also be opportunities for all six team members to help one another with outreach. Each Lighthouse Team is committed to one another in the love of Christ in order to plant lighthouse churches bringing Healing, Salvation, Hope, Joy and Transformation to families in each of their three towns.


Lighthouse Trilogy Teams

Come join a Lighthouse Team to reach Taiwan’s spiritually needy west coast!  Be used by God to write His story of transformation in the lives of people in a Lighthouse Trilogy of Towns this year! 為了台灣西部沿海鄉鎮的福音需要,請來加入燈塔團隊吧! 今年,就讓神使用你,委身在燈塔團隊的一個鄉鎮,藉福音轉化人心吧!

Printable documents introducing  Taiwan Harvest 119’s Lighthouse Trilogies– 下載台灣豐收119燈塔團隊 簡介

What is Taiwan Harvest 119’s Lighthouse Trilogy plan? 台灣豐收119燈塔團隊計畫

Recruiting for Lighthouse Trilogy Teams: How to Prepare, What to Anticipate, and Your Job Description 燈塔團隊召募介紹 / 如何預備 /如何參與/ 工作說明