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1-1-9 means EMERGENCY in Taiwan! 在台灣,119是”緊急”專線!

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Taiwan Harvest 119 feels the urgency to rescue those lost in the darkness and despair of idolatry. 台灣豐收119感受到那些活在偶像崇拜黑暗和絕望裡的生命需要被拯救的迫切性。

God has given us His mandate in Deut. 1:8–“Go in and possess the land!”  So we will recruit a new team of

  • 6 to 12 people to possess
  • 3 neighboring towns


  • 6-12位同工
  • 以3個鄉鎮為目標
  • 每1年

These are LIGHTHOUSE  TEAMS–taking possession of each town through transformational Christian Communities in every neighborhood. 燈塔團隊-透過在各鄉鎮社區建立轉化人心、生命的燈塔小組,得著這地。

Bringing God’s Story of rescue and transformation to the lives of the people of three new towns in Taiwan帶著上帝拯救、轉化生命的真實見證到這三個鄉鎮。




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