How to Give to Taiwan Harvest 119 如何支持台灣豐收119?

Praise God for the great Missions venture and mandate which God put into place through the book of Acts!  In Acts 13 we see how the prophets and teachers at Antioch were gathered together, fasting and praying, when the Lord said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”  So the church fasted, and prayed, and sent God’s servants off to the work which He had prepared!使徒行傳13章,先知與教師們在安提阿聚集、禁食、禱告。聖靈說”要為我分派巴拿巴和掃羅,去做我召他們所做的工。”教會因此禁食、禱告,然後差派神的僕人去完成祂已預備好的工。

God’s mission to seek and save the lost is still being accomplished in the world today by His Church worldwide!  Some are sent out, while others stay behind and pray, and others support the work through their giving.  But all have an important part in accomplishing the Great Commission TOGETHER!上帝要我們去尋找拯救失喪的人!這個使命,如今藉著全地的教會仍在被繼續完成中,有人被差派出去,有人是背後的代禱者,還有人是透過經費奉獻支持宣教。大使命是因著這些重要的角色,”一起”完成的。

Would you like to participate in Taiwan Harvest 119?您願意在台灣豐收119的事工上有份嗎? 您可以—

A)  To join our growing circle of prayer partners, please leave your name and email on the comment page.  Or email Ruth at, and write New Prayer Partner in the subject line.  Thank you!  Prayer is the most vital work we can do!  Thereby God is glorified as lives are changed in answer to our prayers!成為我們的代禱夥伴-請留下您的姓名/電郵信箱。或電郵至 主旨為 新代禱夥伴。謝謝您! 禱告,是我們所能做的最重要的事。上帝將因人的生命被改變而得榮耀以回應我們的禱告。

B) To give financially: 經費支持

1.You can make out a check to Taiwan Harvest 119 and send it to–支票奉獻-為台灣豐收119,並郵寄至

Visions Made Viable, 17595 Harvard Ave., Suite C235, Irvine, CA  92614.

2.You can use the Recurring Donations Form to set up regular giving through your credit card or checking account. 定期奉獻-請連結下列網址,填寫信用卡或支票定期奉獻授權書


Fill out the form and email it to Visions Made Viable CEO Roger Morton at ; he will set it up for you so that your designated gift will go to the Taiwan Harvest 119 account. 完成表格後電郵給Visions Made Viable 執行長 Roger Morton:  他會為您設定,將您指定的奉獻匯入台灣豐收119的帳戶

Or mail this form with your first check to或是將您的第一筆支票奉獻,連同這份表格郵寄至–

Visions Made Viable, 17595 Harvard Ave., Suite C235, Irvine, CA  92614.



3.  You may use the “BillPay” feature at your bank for making monthly donations to the project–Taiwan Harvest 119.  For BillPay, go online to your bank’s website or call your bank and tell them you want to set up a BillPay customer, “Visions Made Viable” and then give the bank VMV’s address, 17595 Harvard Avenue #C235 Irvine, California 92606 and phone number  949-954-2141 and how much you want to give; please designate your giving to Taiwan Harvest 119. The bank then takes that information and subtracts that amount you want to give from your checking account every month and mails a check to VMV for Taiwan Harvest 119.您也可以透過您的銀行使用”BillPay”,每個月奉獻給台灣豐收119。BillPay的步驟是使用您銀行的網頁或聯絡您的銀行,告知您要設定”Visions Made Viable”做您的 BillPay客戶,通訊地址是-17595 Harvard Avenue #C235 Irvine, California 92606 電話: 949-954-2141 設定您每月的奉獻金額,並指定奉獻對象為台灣豐收119。銀行收到這些資料後,就會每月由您的支票戶頭,按著您指定的金額,開出支票給VMV,並轉給台灣豐收119。

Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions!  Thank you for partnering with Taiwan Harvest 119!  If you are a donor, we will automatically put you on our prayer partner list so that you will receive regular news of what the Lord is doing in and through Taiwan Harvest 119.  If you prefer NOT to receive these mailings, please drop us a line and we will remove your name from the list.  Thank you! 如果您有任何疑問或問題請與我們聯繫! 謝謝您願意與台灣豐收119同工,所有以經費支持我們的朋友,都會自動列入我們的代禱夥伴名單,也會定期收到台灣豐收119的報告,得知上帝透過台灣豐收119正在進行的奇妙工程。 如果您不需要收到這些報告訊息,也請通知我們。 再次感謝您!

Yours for the Taiwan harvest,
Mark and Ruth Harbour
M 011-886-911-246-880; in Taiwan 0911-246-880
R 011-886-911-144-751; in Taiwan 0911-144-751
台灣豐收119 同工
何馬可 何路得
馬可 011-886-911-246-880 台灣 0911-246-880
路得 011-886-911-144-751   台灣 0911-144-751

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